Mobility Hubs Toolkit

Today the Mobility Hubs Toolkit was released, a book I’ve been working on the past two years. The toolkit is a book dedicated to the concept of Mobility Hubs – the places where people change modes of transit, be that bus, biking, or walking. They provide a comfortable place to wait for the bus, provide bike racks for those who ride their bike to/from the Mobility Hubs, and nearby parks and art to make the site more interesting. And they are not just large transit stations – any bus stop is a Mobility Hub and should have at minimum a shelter, and bike racks for bike parking.

The idea behind the Mobility Hubs toolkit is that anyone can advocate for them, and improve the Mobility Hubs in their neighborhood. This guide explains the elements – the parts of a Mobility Hub and how to go about building a Mobility Hub. It’s not just for transit professionals: it’s meant for a grassroots campaign for building great Mobility Hubs.

While I wrote most of the book, a great team was assembled to help with the research, design and art of the book. I owe them all a great debt.

You can download the Toolkit here.

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